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Recent Updates/Info

-[9/18/2018] RB world 2 gets a double experience event!

-[7/13/18] RB World 2 is now in experimental mode, which prevents most accounts regardless of age from playing the game

-[6/22/18] RB World 2 is released and is now free!

-[8/10/17] Game is back up! No updates have been done, But we've been asking Jokes to just make the game active again and update it when he is finished with he's updates and he listened to us! Thanks Jokes!

-[8/8/17] Game will be lowered to 50R$ and Data will be reset for all currently players, Eastside park will also be released all happening tonight, the 8th of August


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TIP: Westside has more players than EastSide

Playmaker: A Player who can do dribbles more than Shooter, and Slasher. Your goal is to slow down players by breaking their ankles and take easy shots.

Shooter, A Player who can shooter better than Slasher, And Playmaker. Shooters are supposed to take easy shots. They can shoot better than playmakers and slashers.

Slashers: Slashers are players who take hard shots while being Double Teamed, and Challenged.

you can only use these playing styles if you pick PG, SG, or SF.

For people who wanna to be C's Or PF's these are the playing styles

Post Scorer: You Use your strength to take tough shots mostly in the paint

Rim Protecter You Work Hard To keep other team from scoring

Stretch Four: Your Are The Big man of the team also you take easy points

Playing Postions

PG: "The Backcourt Player Who Direct's The Team Offense

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